Landscape Design Process: A guide for Homeowners

How the Landscape Architecture Design Process works: A guide for Homeowners

Our work, as landscape architects, is primarily accomplished through creating scaled drawings. Falon Land Studio offers sets of services that are customized to each client and project. You decide which design phases and services you need. The primary design drawing for residential landscapes is the Site Plan. Additional drawings might include a separate planting plan, construction details, elevations of site walls, paving layouts and more. The most common phases of landscape design for the residential landscape are included here.

  • Concept Design. First we figure out the big picture and overall vision for your space. We create a concept site plan and present the layout of the gardens with major landscape features and planting types sited appropriately.

  • Design Development. We then refine the design in greater detail after meeting with you to review the concept. Complex landscape projects have a longer design development phase. In our residential landscape design practice, we tend to fold design development into the construction documents process for a faster turn-around. The most expedited design process goes from concept design, through a revision process and into a final site plan that’s ready to go out to bid once all of the drawings have been approved by you.

  • Bids and Estimates. Sending the set of drawings out to landscape contractors is accomplished through a bidding or estimate process. When we help you select a contractor, we manage the whole process of interviewing contractors and reviewing the site plan with them. This ensures that the contractor submits an accurate cost estimate before beginning the work. You, the homeowner, enter into a contract directly with the Landscape Contractor to build the project.

  • Construction. Falon Land Studio does not physically build the project. We visit and review the project during and after construction to ensure that it is built according to the design plans and your wishes. As designers, we have worked closely with you to create a vision for a space that you will love and we coordinate with the Landscape Contractor to make that vision a reality.