Now on view: Grounding, solo show of paintings and sculptures

Grounding: Paintings and Sculptures by Falon Mihalic now on view at m Architects Gallery. 1206 Nance Street, Houston Texas.

Grounding is the process of touching the ground to transmit the body’s electrical energy to the earth. The work is inspired by this idea of coming into direct contact with the earth as a way of exchanging energy and explores ground as physical material and bodily experience. The work is based on real terrain that I have touched in Texas, Florida, and New Mexico. These landscapes are defined by sand, mud, salt, rock, erosion, and deposition. They are places that have been sculpted across a geologic timeframe. The process of making the work puts me into a kind of invented terrain somewhere between imagination, memory, body, and place. I find it deeply satisfying to emulate the earth and express it here in the form of paintings and sculptures. 

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Designer's Sketchbook: Courtyard Studies

I carry my sketchbook with me everywhere. It helps me quickly jot down visual ideas about design and I find that I learn and remember better from something I've drawn myself instead of from a photo. Lately, I have been sketching small courtyards around Houston and taking notes on how the spaces are organized and how the container plants or small in-ground plants grow within the space. These quick drawings help me learn what works and what could be done better in small urban gardens at homes, businesses, and restaurants. The best courtyard gardens feel intimate, like secret gardens, and also inviting. The trick is to use the vertical surfaces in a smart and efficient way so that the space is private and quiet. Here is a selection of recent courtyard drawings from my sketchbook:

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